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NWIN District W & W Trip to eastern Kentucky with ARO September 25-30

We are planning a trip down to eastern Kentucky with Appalachia Reach Out (ARO) on Sunday, September 25 to Friday, September 30. Bob Evans will be leading this trip. Right now we are working on details. Estimated cost will be around $100 for food. Planning to stay at a local church. Transportation will be on you. If possible, participants could carpool together. Once we have an idea of who is able to go, we can sort that out. The trip will be working on clean up after the floods including but not limited to flooring, nail removal, demo, debris pickup, and other manual labor jobs. There should be something for everyone to do no matter your skill level. Click here to go to the information button located at the bottom of our Resource Page. Please reach out on our About Us page, Messenger on our Facebook page, or call the district office at (219) 462-0403 to sign up or ask questions about the trip!

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