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Meet the District Council

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Stephanie Mbathi

District President
Area Four Coordinator

I'm so excited to be a part of the district NMI council for Northwest Indiana (NWIN)! I grew up participating on mission trips locally and abroad. I knew from a very early age God had put a love for missions in my heart. I spent 5 years teaching at a school in Kenya on the mission field and loved every minute of it! Since moving back to the States, I've been the mission president at my local church and served on the district council for the past 5 years. I am honored to be the current district president for the NWIN District!

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Alisha Hauk

District Vice-President

I knew from the moment I went on my first Work & Witness trip, that God had placed a special calling on my life. I’ve had the honor of serving on the District NMI Council in many different capacities since 2013. I’ve been a council member, the Links Coordinator, and was formally the District NMI President.  I’m honored to be able to serve as your current District NMI Vice President. I cannot wait to see how God uses Northwest Indiana in serving our communities! 

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Sharon Hostetler

District Secretary

It has been my joy and privilege to be a part of the District NMI Council and to serve God in the area of missions.  I currently serve as secretary where I record the minutes of our meetings, compile annual reports for the General NMI, and provide any help that is needed.


Beginning with college mission trips for my husband, our family has participated in many similar experiences; and I’m happy to say that my daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughters have a real heart for reaching people for Christ both locally and globally.

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Rachel Kuhn

Area Three Director

My love for missions began as a child when missionaries would visit our church and were guests in our home. Hearing their stories had a lasting effect on me. I knew they were called by God to go, but they depended on the many of us who supported and sent them. Although I've only been on mission trips within the US, I'm glad I have been a sender, raising funds and educating others about Nazarene missions as a local NMI president and on district NMI councils. I am grateful for the opportunity to join with others to support the work that the Lord is doing spreading the gospel around the world.  

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Bob Evans

Nazarene Missions Teams Coordinator  
Encuentro Rep

I’m Bob Evans. I came to Valparaiso six years ago after spending twenty-five years on the Alabama South District ( Now Central Gulf Coast). I serve as the NWIN Work & Witness Coordinator. I have several years of experience leading teams on W & W trips domestically as well as abroad. I also have lot of experience with  disaster relief and enjoy assisting the district in this area as well! I also have been working with Encunetro Missions for many years. During that time I have been work site director and project manager for Encuentro Missions.

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Jane Herr

Area One Coordinator Compassionate Ministries Rep

My passion for missions stems from growing up as a missionary kid in India. My parents were wonderful examples of loving caring people to everyone they met. I also sponsor two children through Nazarene Compassionate Ministries. I have served as a local church NMI President for many years.

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Hope Robinson

New President Resource Development

My name is Hope Robinson, and I have served on the NWIN District NMI Council for several years. I grew up in a pastor's home, so I have great memories of fascinating conversations with global missionaries around our dining table with dynamic stories of God's work being done all over the world. I have enjoyed mission trips domestically and internationally which has deepened my love and commitment to support global ministries. My current role on the council includes providing leadership in completing the Handbook for New NMI Presidents and providing support for Area One events. 

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Judy Engel

Area Two Coordinator

I am the Area Two Coordinator and I assists with deputation coordination and work and witness when needed. Having served in my local church as an NMI council member, then president, I am honored to be serving on the NWIN District NMI Council. My heart has been for missions since I was a young girl and I takes advantage of opportunities to serve overseas in short-term missions along with supporting the work of missional efforts through The Church of the Nazarene. 

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Whitney Jones

Care and Connection Coordinator

When I was eight, I heard a missionary from Africa speak at my church. I knew that missions would be a part of my life forever after that night. Growing up in a Nazarene church, missions is one of the first things you are introduced to. I can close my eyes to this day and can be transported to a children's mission jamboree at Valparaiso First Church of the Nazarene.


Missions is a way of life. I have had the opportunity to travel within the USA and overseas on mission trips. I have served on my local mission council for the last six years. This year, I have put on a new hat and I am serving as the local mission president for The Mill Church of the Nazarene in Noblesville, IN as well as the Care and Connection Coordinator.


Each church on the district is split between four areas.



Jane Herr

DeMotte Risen Community 
E. Chicago Spanish 
Fairmeadow Community -  Munster 
Living Grace- Merrillville 
Portage Grace 
Real Life Community –Portage 
South Haven 
South Lake 
The Mission – Hammond 

The Open Door - Lowell
Whiting Robertsdale 



Judy Engel

Avenue Family
Duneland Community – Chesterton 
Living Hope – Valparaiso 
Michiana Hispanic 
New Beginning –

South Bend 
South Bend First 

Where Two or More Gather



Rachel Kuhn

Crawfordsville Harbor 
Frankfort First 
Lafayette First 

West Lebanon 



Stephanie Mbathi

Heart to Heart - Rochester

Northside Village Church – Kokomo 

One Church - Kokomo

The Mill - Noblesville 

NMI district council-3.jpg

Sue Harris

Deputation Coordinator

Serving as NWIN Deputation Coordinator for the past six months has been challenging and yet exciting knowing we are offering churches an opportunity to find out first hand what God is doing around the world through the Church of the Nazarene.

I fell in love with missions as a young pastor’s wife 45 years ago and have served most of those years as the local President.  My joy each month was to creatively develop a program as to entice an interest among our congregation to support world missions.  My blessing was personally meeting missionaries and having them stay in our home.  

To our surprise, our congregation sent my husband and I on a Work and Witness trip to Madrid, Spain.  There I had the opportunity to speak to the congregation and share my story of salvation and sanctification.  Oh how I fell in love with the people and yearn to go again.



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