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Care & Connection is all about making personal connections between missionaries and local churches around the world. This relationship fosters interest in the missionaries' ministries and creates a sense of involvement from individuals as they correspond and learn of updates and then connect when they come on deputation tour. 

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In-Kwon and Jeong-Seok Kim are missionaries with the Church of the Nazarene and serve in Tonga, South Pacific.
They were born in Korea.


In 2007, In-Kwon and Jeong-Seok Kim took on leadership of the Mango Tree Centre, a compassionate ministry for the disabled in Tonga. Mango Tree Center ministry offers a holistic and family centered rehabilitation service for people with disabilities. In Tonga, the parents of the disabled children believe disabilities are punishments from God for the sin of the parents. By demonstrating the love of Jesus, In-Kwon and Jeong-Seok serve the disabled who are isolated by their community. They also serve their families who are suffering under shame and guilt.

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